Environmental Business Unit


Tecnología, Ecología, Manejo Ambiental y Desarrollo Sostenible

Technology, Environmental Management & Sustainable Development


Technology, Environment & Sustainable Development

Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals,Zero Waste Programs, Waste Plants & Final Disposal, Water, Noise & Air Quality,CO2 Reduction Projects & Environmental Remediation

Environmental Solutions

Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals. Water, Noise & Air Quality, Zero Waste Programs, Circular Economy Concept, Zero Emission Projects, EcoCity Concept & Projects, Waste Management Programs, Waste to Energy Plants, Environmental Bioremediation

Circular Economy Solutions

Water Pollution

Air Pollution

Noise Pollution

Zero Emission

Smart Mobility

Aviation & Environment

CO2 Reduction in Aviation, Airport’s Sustainability Strategy, Airport Waste Plants & Final Disposal, Water, Noise & Air Quality, Environmental Remediation, Zero Waste Programs

Smart City Concept: "EcoCity Projects"

EcoCity Projects

SmartCity: Ecological & Green City Concept, Water, Noise & Air Quality, Zero Waste Programs, Waste to Energy Plants, Environmental Remediation, Waste Management Programs, Zero Emission Programs, Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals

Zero Waste Programs

RESIDUO CERO: Ecological & Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Development Goals. Water, Noise & Air Quality, Zero Waste Programs, Waste to Energy Plants, EcoCity Concept & Projects, Environmental Remediation

Wastewater Solutions

Waste Management Programs

Waste to Energy Plants

Waste Management Programs
RSU - Residuos Sólidos Urbanos - Manejo Integral de Residuos

Municipal Solid Waste

Waste Recycling

Collection & Transportation

Organic Waste Compost

Sorting Plants

Landfill & Final Disposal

Hazardous & Industrial Waste

Biologics Waste, Chemicals, Pharma, Industrial, Oil, GAS, Fuels, Energy, Mining, Logistic & Transport, etc.Basel Convention: Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes & their Disposal

Hazardous Waste


Batteries Waste

CBRNe: Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosives

Chemical Waste

Emergency Situations

Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant

Plantas de Tratamiento de Residuos Peligrosos

Bio Energies from Biomass


BioGAS from Biomass: Bio Digestors SolutionsThermal Energy & Electricity Generation

Bio Fuels

Bio Fuels: Bio Ethanol & Bio DieselBio Refinery Plants

Electricity from Biomass

Electricity Generation from Biomass: Crops & Animal Residues, Forest & Wood Waste, Others.

Biomass & Agro Waste

Biologics Waste: Crops, Animals, Agri-Foods Industry, Fruits Loos, Vegetables & Greens, Milk & Diary Loss, Algae & Sargazo, Forest & Wood, Fishery Loss, etc.

Crops & Animal Waste

Residuos Agropecuarios

Fruits & Vegetables Loss

Descartes de Frutas y Verduras

Forestry Residue & Wood Waste

Residuos Forestales y Desechos de Madera

Algae & Sargazo

Algas & Sargazo

Milk & Dairy Industry Loss

Descartes de la Industria Láctea

Fishery Industry Loss

Descartes de la Industria Pesquera

Microbiological Plants & BioTechnology Process

Advaneced BioTechnological Products

Biotechnology Laboratory

Animal Bio Feed & Feeding

Bio Control to Agro Pests

Nutritional Foods

Nutraceuticals Products

Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition

Bio Sanitizers Products

Bio Materiales

Bio Plastics, Bio Materials, etc.

Bioremediation Products

Mining Market, Oil Spell Response, Bioremediation

Green Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy Products & Solutions

Energy Saving & Efficiency

Ahorro y Eficiencia Energética

Smart Building

Edificación Inteligente

Smart LED Lighting Projects

Iluminación Inteligente

Renewable Energy Projects

Proyectos de Energías Renovables

Solar Photovoltaic Parks

Parques de Energía Solar

Termo Solar Parks

Energía Térmica Solar

Home Solar Photovoltaic

Energía Solar Fotovoltaica

Photovoltaic Solar Tiles

Tejados Solares Fotovoltaicos

Green Roofs Projects

Proyectos "Techos Verdes"

Wind Power Projects

Proyectos de Energía Eólica

VAWT - Vertical Axis

Energía Eólica de Eje Vertical

Hydro-Eolic Projects

Central Hidro Eólica y Combinada

BioEnergy: BioGas & BioFuels

Bio Combustibles y Bio GAS

Waste to Energy Plants

Energía desde Residuos



GeoThermal Energy

Energía Geotérmica

Hydro Power Projects

Energía Hidráulica

Wave & Tidal Energy Projects

Energía Undimotriz y Mareomotriz

C4 - Energy Smart GRID

Comando y Control de la Energía

Energy Smart GRID

Gestion Inteligente de la Energía

Smart Mobility Projects

Movilidad Inteligente - Electro Movilidad

Smart City Projects

Smart City & Smart Village Concept, Technology, Smart Governance & Sustainable Development, Human & Social Development, Competitive Intelligence, Economic Development, Public Servicies, Urban Planning & Environmental Development

Smart MOBILITY Projects

Smart Mobility Projects, Autonomous & Driving Enhanced Solutions, Zero Emission Programs, Efficient Multimodal Public Transport Systems, Electro Mobility Transport Systems, Smart City, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) & Mobility on Demand (MoD)

Electro MOBILITY Solutions

Electric Vehicles [EV], Electro BUS, Renewable Energy & EV Power GRID, EV Charging Infrastructure, Zero Emission Programs, EV Pay-Card System, Smart GRID Systems, Hybrid Vehicles, EV Monitoring & Traceability Systems .:. [ ElectroMobility.Link ]